I have always been creative, in one way or another, I have my nan and mum to thank for that when she taught me how to cross stitch when I was little, I now find it relaxing and a reminder of my Nan. I like being creative with different materials and in different areas. I gained my degree in 3D Design and Crafts at Staffordshire University; the course allowed for a lot of experience in different types of materials, in my final year my focus was on contemporary jewellery.

After graduating I exhibited in a few fairs and galleries, as well as began a small teaching roll which I would like to take up again at a future date. I have also found a love of paper and handmade crafts especially card making.

Please feel free to contact me regarding a design you might have for a piece of jewellery, or a personalised card or just to say hi, it would be great to hear from you.